Public Records

Looking for a Town Record?

You should contact the Governmental Body who generated the record, if you wish to obtain a particular public record. They are the custodians of said records. The contact and record type are listed below:


Appointments: Boards, Committees and Commissions
(List available thru Office of Selectmen, or Town Clerk for sworn officers)

Board of Selectmen

Boards, Committees & Commissions

Chairman of particular Board/Committee, Commission

Minutes / Actions / Related Issues

Elected Official to particular Board/Committee, Comm.

Septic Systems / Septic Loans
Landfill Inquiries / Transfer Station / Recycling
Engineering scheduling for wells or septic

Board of Health
Health Agent, Nashoba

Property Records
Tax Commitments

Board of Assessors

Vital Records in their Entirety
Town Meeting Records
Elected officials Rosters, Election Records
Planning Board Initial Filings & Decisions
ZBA Initial Filings & Decisions
Town Way Records
Pole/Conduit Records
Gas Storage Permits / Records
Business Certificates, D/B/A Records
Voter Records, Street Lists
Dog License Records
Board / Committee / Commission Meeting Schedules
Historical Records, Oath Records, Annual Reports
Town Clerk

Planning Board Filing Detail & Related Matters

Planning Board Secretary or Chairman

ZBA Filing Detail & Related Matters

ZBA Secretary or Chairman

Schools – All Related Matters

Office of the Superintendent: Assabet Valley Reg.Voc.School or Berlin-Boylston for Tahanto and Berlin Memorial School

Town Financial Statements / Paid Town Invoices

Town Accountant

Real Estate & Personal Property Taxes
Motor Vehicle Related Records

Tax Collector

Payroll Related Records
Town Banking / Borrowings
Tax Title

Town Treasurer

Police – All Related Matters

Police Department

Fire – All Related Matters / Records

Fire Department

Building Records and Inspectional Records

Building Inspector, Zoning Enforcement Officer

Electrical or Wiring Records

Electrical Inspector

Plumbing or Gas Records

Plumbing or Gas Inspector

Conservation – All Related Matters / Records

Conservation Commission Chairman

Cemetery – All Related Matters

Cemetery Commissioners
Cemetery Superintendent

Library – All Related Matters

Board of Library Trustees
Library Director