Inspectional Services

The Inspectional Services group is responsible for reviewing applications and plans to construct, alter or demolish any building or structure in the Town of Berlin for compliance with applicable Town of Berlin Zoning By-laws and Massachusetts State Gas, Plumbing, Electrical, Building Codes and Chapter 40A and General Laws.

The Inspectors have to make field inspections at various stages of construction, as well as making inspections of all public buildings, churches and both private and public schools.

The Inspectors must also respond to inquiries from attorneys, land surveyors, banks and the general public regarding zoning and building code problems or direct their calls to the proper authorities if it is not a building or zoning code matter.

The Board of Building Regulations and Standards strongly cautions building owners against applying for their own building permit. Reputable contractors will apply for the permit, acting as the owner’s agent and with the owner’s written authority. Your contractor may need to be both a licensed Construction Supervisor and a registered Home Improvement Contractor. If a contractor is reluctant to apply for the building permit on your behalf, it may be an indication that the contractor does not possess a license or a registration. Remember, for home improvement work covered by Chapter 142A of the General Laws you are EXCLUDED from reimbursement of up to $10,000 from the guaranty fund if you apply for your own building permit or if you do business with an unregistered contractor.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Richard Hanks Building Commissioner 978-838-0046 (office) 508-450-0158 (cell)
Thomas Doerr Conditional Local Building Inspector 978-838-0046
Tony Zahariadis Alternate Building Inspector 978-838-0046
David Horne 2nd Alternate Building Inspector 978-838-0046
Henry Wheeler, Jr. Wiring Inspector 508-259-5010
Dennis Monteiro Assistant Wiring Inspector 508-259-5010
Alphonse Roseberry Gas & Plumbing Inspector 978-265-7421
Tom Soldi Assistant Gas & Plumbing Inspector 978-265-7421