Traffic Safety Advisory Committee

Traffic Safety Advisory Committee 

Created by Select Board vote on Monday, August 3, 2020, the Traffic Safety Advisory Committee is composed of nine (9) members representing: 

  1. Police Chief 
  2. Fire/EMS Chief 
  3. Highway Supt. 
  4. Planning Board designee 
  5. Finance Committee designee 
  6. Capital Planning designee 
  7. At Large Community Member
  8. Town Administrator (non-voting)

Mission:  Assess ongoing traffic and pedestrian safety needs and prepare for transportation infrastructure projects through a multi-departmental approach of systematically and logically studying conditions and developing solutions to propose to the Select Board.

Charge: Review traffic and pedestrian safety needs and opportunities for improvements by reviewing available data, funding and technical assistance programs, and resident feedback.

Evaluate and recommend to the Select Board solutions that could be implemented to create safer and more livable neighborhoods through:

1) measures to reduce traffic congestion, speeding, and unnecessary traffic on neighborhood roads, 

2) guidelines and regulations for street naming and house numbering, and 

3) pedestrian access and safety improvements. 

Street Sign Request Forms

On August 3, 2020, the Berlin Select Board instituted this form for resident use to request changes regarding street signs on Berlin roads and ways (note - the Town does not have purview over signage along Route 62, which is a State Road).

The attached form outlines the workflow for a request received by the Town of Berlin.  Please use the attached form which dictates the path of review and/or approvals a request must take before changes are ultimately approved by the Town of Berlin.

Submitted "Street Sign Request" forms shall be submitted in hard copy to the Highway Department, 112 West Street, Berlin, MA 01503.

Thank you!



Member (Police Chief)


Member (Fire/EMS/EMD Chief)


Fred Cummings

Member (Acting Highway Supt.)


Timothy H. Wheeler

Member (Planning Board designee)


Mary Porter

Member (Finance Committee designee)


Anna Crane

Member (Capital Planning Committee designee)


Member (Town Administrator) - non voting


Vacancy One

Member - At Large