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General Duties of Collectors

Massachusetts General Law Chapter 60: (Extracts)

Section 2 – Every collector of taxes, receiving a tax list and warrant from the assessors, shall collect the taxes therein set forth, with interest, and pay over said taxes and interest to the city or town treasurer according to the warrant, and shall make written return thereof with his tax list and of his doings thereon at such times as the assessors shall in writing require. He shall also give to the treasurer an account of all charges and fees collected by him. He shall, once in each week or more often, pay over to the treasurer all money received by him for taxes and interest during the preceding week or lesser period together with any interest earned as a result of depositing said taxes and interest received.

Section 3 – The collector shall forthwith, after receiving a tax list and warrant, send notice to each person assessed, resident or non-resident, of the amount of his tax; if mailed, it shall be postpaid and directed to the town where the assessed person resided on January first of the year in which the tax was assessed, and, if he resides in a city, it shall, if possible, be directed to the street and number of his residence.

An omission to send a notice under this section shall not affect the validity either of a tax or of the proceedings for its collection. An affidavit of the collector sending a tax bill or notice as to the time of sending shall be prima facie evidence that the same was sent at such time.