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Why volunteer to serve the Town of Berlin?

Give your time - make a difference - participate in your local democracy!

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Citizen participation in local government is a strong tradition in Berlin. The issues and challenges faced by our local government, and their impact on people’s lives in the community, are important and complex.

There are numerous opportunities to participate in Town affairs, to help shape policy, to work with interesting people, and to assist in the growth and prosperity of the Town. We hope you will share your skills and knowledge with us by volunteering for the Town.



The Town Clerk's Office is the official keeper of all board and committee members (elected and appointed, respectively). 

ELECTED OFFICE:  For information about running for popularly elected offices, please contact the Town Clerk's Office.

APPOINTED OFFICE:  Many committees and offices are appointed by vote of a Town "Appointing Authority"  such as by vote of the Select Board, Planning Board, or singularly by the elected Town Moderator, for example. The Town Administrator may also appoint volunteers to fill roles.

If you have a question about a vacancy and the commitment required to serve on a particular board or committee, please contact the board or committee Chair directly.  Contact information for most boards and committees is posted on several committee webpages, but if not available online please contact the Select Board or Town Clerk's Offices to be put in touch with the appropriate official who can assist you further:

Before submitting a Volunteer Application Form, it is strongly recommended that any prospective applicant:

  • ATTEND meetings of the Board/Committee of interest - meetings of Town public bodies are posted on www.mytowngovernment.org/01503 
  • COMMUNICATE with the Chairs and Members of the various Boards/Committees to understand what membership entails in terms of time commitments, meeting schedules, and desired expertise (if any is required).
  • Select Board Vacancies as of 5/19/2021 - click here


If interested for appointed Town Government committee service, kindly fill out the Volunteer Application Form and submit it to selectmen@townofberlin.com.  The Select Board Office can forward your application to the correct committee for a vote of recommendation to the committee's Appointing Authority.  If appointed, the Appointing Authority generally advises both the appointee and Town Clerk's Office (in writing) of the name of appointee, post filled, and duration of term to serve.  Thereafter the appointee must visit the Town Clerk's Office before they may legally participate in business of the Town board or committee.



SELECT BOARD appointees are also required to sign/date/return the following forms to the Select Board Office:

Also be advised of Massachusetts State Law applicable to all Town volunteers/employees: