Senior & Veteran Work-Off Program

The Town of Berlin’s Senior and Veteran Tax Work-Off program allows seniors and veterans the opportunity to work for the Town and in return will receive a reduction in property taxes each fiscal year worked, based on the total number of hours worked at the Massachusetts minimum wage rate. (Maximum time allowable per fiscal year is 125 hours.)

This program is in addition to other tax abatements and property tax exemptions for which senior and veteran tax payers may be eligible under other statues. Seniors and Veterans must own and occupy the residence for which property taxes are paid and for which credit is being sought.

For more information about the program, please click here.

To apply for a Work-Off position, please click here to download an application.

Department request forms can be found here.

Employee time sheets, click here.

Current positions available immediately: 

Department: Conservation Commission- Clerical/ organizing, flexible

Department: Council on Aging- Transportation Dispatcher- 1-3 varied hrs per week

Department: 1870 Town Hall- Event/ bldg assistant- 1-3 varied hrs per week                                                  


Completed applications should be sent to:

COA Town of Berlin
12 Woodward Ave
Berlin, MA 01503