Open Space

Open Space and Recreation Plan

You can download the Conservation Commission file about the 2011-2018 Open Space and Recreation Plan(Please note, the file is 16MB and might take some time to load.)

Berlin Trail Maps

Recent Open Space Acquisitions

  • D. Rosemarin, 3.47 acre off Crosby Rd, fronting North Brook
  • Hog Swamp, 10 acre, gift from Barry O’Brien Trust
  • A. Curtis land, 9 acre, gift off Estabrook Rd, adjoining Gates Pond area

Conservation Restrictions

  • River Road Conservation Restriction
  • Sawyer Hill LLC co-housing, 55.67 acres
  • R. Wheeler estate properties off South Street
  • 54 acre property adjoining Tall Pines, in process
  • D. Burke off Coburn Road, in process
  • D. Coldwell off Larkin Road, in process
  • Kendall Homes, off Pleasant Street, in process
  • Riverbridge development, conservation restriction in process

List of Protected Lands in Berlin

The linked list of protected lands includes those that are in public ownership in Berlin, as of the end of 2009.