Tax Information


NOTE: As of May 27th 2021, late Real Estate and Personal Property taxes can not be made on UNIPAY. On-Line payment of overdue taxes will resume upon completion of the installation of our new VADAR tax system late June. Please call the Tax Collector for the current amount due and other methods of payment.

This Office does not provide verbal tax information over the phone. We do, of course, follow the Massachusetts Public Record Law. Most requests fall in the Category of Municipal Lien Certificates or duplicate bills.

Municipal Lien Certificates

Municipal Lien Certificates may be obtained by mail. The cost, as prescribed by law, is twenty-five dollars ($25.00) for each parcel. A self addressed stamped envelope must be included for return mail. If using a service such as FEDEX or UPS, the physical address is:

Tax Collector
Room # 213
23 Linden Street
Berlin, MA 01503

Mortgage Provider or Service Company

Property Tax Bills for the Town of Berlin, Massachusetts, are semi-annual. The first bill is scheduled for October 1, and is due (received) November 1 (subject to timely approval of the tax rate by the state). The second bill is issued April 1, and is due (received) May 1.

Tax bills will be sent to the owner of record as presented to the Tax Collector on the Tax Commitment from the Board of Assessors.

No verbal tax information will be provided.

Tax information may be obtained in one of four ways:

1) Original Bill

Secured from the homeowner of record.

2) Electronic File

Direct request to our software service provider at:

Point Software
200 North Main Street, Suite 1201 West
East Longmeadow, MA 01028
Telephone: (413) 525-8350

They will also require our written permission to release these files to you. To facilitate that permission, please copy us on your request and we will provide them the required permission to release.

3) Commitment Book

The commitment book will be available in our office where your representative may obtain that information during normal business hours.

4) Duplicate Bills

Send a listing and a self addressed stamped envelope. There is a charge of $2.00 per bill. Payment for duplicate bills must be separate from tax payment. Duplicate bills will be processed as soon as practical after the mailing of the originals.

Memo Bills are acceptable with payment but must include Bill Number or they will be returned.

5) Delinquent Taxes

Listings of Delinquent taxes are available at no cost. Send a written request with a self addressed stamped envelope of sufficient size.