Peter Hoffman

Prior to moving to Berlin in 2009, Mr. Hoffman was a nearly lifelong resident of Manhattan (NY). As an Electrical and Computer Engineering graduate of Clarkson University, Peter started his career in sales engineering. During his senior year in university, Mr. Hoffman made his first real estate investment having bought the rental he was living in during his Junior and Senior year. This investment evolved into a long-term and vibrant entrepreneurial and real estate career in addition to the work he does for the federal government. Today, he still has a presence in the same community by investing in dilapidated properties and renovating them into comfortable living spaces for university students. He lives with his longtime partner, Carol, and their three dogs. He enjoys beekeeping, skiing, flying, outdoor activities, sailing and frequent volunteer work where he makes a difference.

Board Memberships

Board/CommitteeJob titleDate Served - If ApplicableMembership Status
Chair (May 31, 2022)
Active Membership