Library Telescope

Telescope Night - Berlin Public Library

The Berlin Public Library is pleased to announce that patrons can now borrow a telescope. This incredible new acquisition was provided to us through the generous donation of Berlin residents Doug and Patricia Coldwell.

The telescope is an Orion StarBlast 4.5 inch Altazimuth Reflector Tabletop Telescope, is equipped with zoom eye pieces and is accompanied with complete instructional materials. It is very sturdy, easy to use, and comes completely assembled.

The following link provides additional information regarding the telescope and details about how patrons can borrow this fun and educational scientific tool.

Here are some additional resource suggestions for those interested in learning more about astronomy.

  • Sky & Telescope - Website for Sky & Telescope Magazine
  • Heavens Above - Information regarding viewing satellites
  • Stellarium - Website provides a free, downloadable, open-source software that allows users to “dial up” the night sky for any time, date, or location.

Telescope Borrowing

  1. The telescope may only be checked out to Berlin Public Library patrons who are 18 year of age or older. Library card and photo ID required. The borrower must sign the Telescope User Agreement Form.
  2. Telescope may be reserved by calling or emailing the Berlin Public Library. Telescope can not be reserved through a hold in the C/W MARS catalog.
  3. The telescope may be borrowed for a period of 7 days, with a maximum of 2 renewals, provided there is not a waiting list. The overdue fine for the telescope is $5.00 per day, to a maximum of $25.00.
  4. The telescope must be returned to a staff member at the circulation desk of the Berlin Public Library. The telescope should not be left unattended at the circulation desk or outside the library building.
  5. The complete telescope kit is valued at $415 and includes:
    • 1 Orion StarBlast telescope (replacement cost $350)
    • 1 grey carrier bin (replacement cost $10)
    • 2 travel pillows (replacement cost $10)
    • 1 red zippered pack (replacement cost $10)
    • 1 National Audubon Society Pocket Guide to the Constellations (replacement cost $10)
    • 1 laminated spiral bound Orion StarBlast telescope instruction manual (replacement cost $10)
    • 1 red/white headlamp (replacement cost $15)
  6. The borrower is responsible for reading the instruction manual for the proper care and use of the telescope. The Berlin Public Library will not be held liable for any injuries resulting from the use of the telescope. Do not let children use the telescope without adult supervision. Never look directly at the sun through the telescope or its finder scope. Permanent eye damage can result. Do not even point the telescope at the sun, as parts of the telescope may melt. Do not wipe or clean the lens. Damage will result to the protective coating.

Berlin Public Library Telescope Borrowing Policy and User Agreement